Monday, February 28, 2011


Fitness Ridge lesson #1: Don't drink a cup of herbal tea right before you leave on the hike.

Full bladder aside, the hike was stupendous. The views were divine, the company was good, and the fitness level, to be honest, was probably a little too easy for me. I will say this: if you want to gain self esteem as a hiker, this is the place to be. Just be aware that close analysis might negate that self esteem boost. For example, when you think to yourself, "Ha! All the other members of my hiking group are totally eating my dust!" Stop there. Don't continue on with, "Of course, they're all super obese women." And if you should think, "Check me out! I'm keeping up with the trail guide step for step while making small talk and even casually eating an apple!" Do not add, "But she also just told me that she's celebrating her 60th birthday in May."

Anyway, I'm making this quick. Free time is a bit of a commodity here and I need to get to bed. First day - finished. Overall - awesome!

I do wonder if it'll get harder, though, because I totally could have done more today.

Denice (daughter)

Thank you Boot Camp Family!

Monday is done and we are preparing for bed. I am more sore and tired then Denice but it has been an awesome day!

We hiked, swam, had core training, yoga, circuit training, stretching and two lectures. The food was fantastic. We have made some new friends. The weather and scenery are beautiful.

There will be more details about all of that as our adventure continues, but today I want to shout out to my Transformation Boot Camp family and thank them for all the support over the past year! Because of you I had two "great job"! moments today. The 1st one came at the end of core training when we all rolled over to do a 25 second plank. Because it was demonstrated on the elbow's I went ahead and did it that way. When we were done the lady behind me said, "did you see her? She was amazing! She did it exactly!" We then proceeded to do a 35 second and 45 second and her praise just kept coming. The 2nd one happened during the circuit training, I was settling onto the sit-up equipment and the trainer said,"Normally you would grab those handles by your shoulders and then pull up your body weight, but you could just fold your arms across your chest..." and I took hold of the handles and did a sit-up and said, "like this?" it was pretty cool! Thanks again for all your faith in me. I promise to work hard!

Kim (mom)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Free Airport Wifi

All airports should have free wifi. That's my opinion as an uninformed consumer of free products, at least.

Mom's been on the road for several hours now, and as you ought to have deduced, I'm at the airport.

By the way, if anyone reading this blog ever has to ship something from Korea to America - DON'T USE THE BIGGEST BOX SIZE! Because, the lady at the counter will first sell you the box, ask you where you're from, get you the paperwork to ship a box to the United States, watch you spend 20 minutes painstakingly packing your things into the box and wrapping it in a cocoon of tape so secure that Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan could use it as a life raft to float away from the things of man, and then she will tell you that you can't ship the biggest box to America, and you'll need to repack everything into two smaller boxes.

Something to keep in mind - if you think you'll ever need it.

Anyhow, 41 hours to check-in and Mother and Daughter are both en route.

Denice (daughter)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Running and running...

Running and running, running until I drop, then stop!

This is the part of the song that just keeps playing through my mind over and over again… running and running, running until I drop… running and running, running until I drop… running and running, well you get the idea.

I mean I’m excited… well excited and scared! But who wouldn’t be, right?

When I paid the deposit for this “Great Adventure” back in JUNE! I started meditating on what the experience might be like and I panicked. We’ve all seen “Biggest Loser” and how hard they exercise and how patient Jillian is with them. I realized if this experience was going to be successful, fun, life changing, empowering… that I needed to start preparing for it so I stepped up my game at boot camp and started watching what I ate a bit closer. Now, 60 lbs lighter I am still wondering if I have done enough to prepare to live through and love this experience. I hope so. But who am I kidding… we all know that one week from now on Wednesday morning, third day in, I will be aching and I will be asking myself, “What have I gotten myself into?”

And I’ll just keep chanting over and over “Running and running, running until I drop… And then get up and just keep on running!

Kim (mom)

Monday, February 21, 2011

One week from this moment

All weekend I've been playing the 'One Week From This Moment' game.

One week from this moment I will be on the bus to the airport with my knees pressed uncomfortably against my gigantic suitcase.

One week from this moment I'll be eating dry chicken over rice on an airplane somewhere over the Pacific Ocean while watching a movie I'd probably never bother to watch if it weren't the show on an intercontinental flight.

One week from this moment I'll be hugging my mom at the Las Vegas baggage claim and hoping she doesn't notice how greasy 20 hours of travel have rendered me.

One week from this moment I'll be lying awake on the floor at my cousin's house in Southern Utah, battling jet lag and too excited to sleep anyway.


Well, at this moment I'm sitting at my desk winding down a 12 hour work day, but one week from this moment I'll be soundly sleeping my first night in a 5 star bed at Fitness Ridge - dreaming of my first hike the next morning, still full of hope and eager anticipation, and yet to have a single blister.

Denice (daughter)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

That song from my childhood

There was this song I used to listen to when I was a kid. The lyrics were something like:

See me run - running around in circles
Running and running, running around the room.
See me spin - spinning around in circles ...

and so on until the end where you see me hop (hop, hop, hop) until I stop - then drop.

Anyway, I have a feeling that could be a valid theme song for the big adventure my mom and I have planned for March 2011. We're headed to the Biggest Loser resort for four weeks, and now, 12 days out, we're both wavering between glee and terror at the prospect.

This will be our blog to share the experience with those who're interested - and per Mom's request it's up now so that people can start linking to it, bookmarking it, or whatever it is that people want to do with it.

Denice (daughter)