Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Running and running...

Running and running, running until I drop, then stop!

This is the part of the song that just keeps playing through my mind over and over again… running and running, running until I drop… running and running, running until I drop… running and running, well you get the idea.

I mean I’m excited… well excited and scared! But who wouldn’t be, right?

When I paid the deposit for this “Great Adventure” back in JUNE! I started meditating on what the experience might be like and I panicked. We’ve all seen “Biggest Loser” and how hard they exercise and how patient Jillian is with them. I realized if this experience was going to be successful, fun, life changing, empowering… that I needed to start preparing for it so I stepped up my game at boot camp and started watching what I ate a bit closer. Now, 60 lbs lighter I am still wondering if I have done enough to prepare to live through and love this experience. I hope so. But who am I kidding… we all know that one week from now on Wednesday morning, third day in, I will be aching and I will be asking myself, “What have I gotten myself into?”

And I’ll just keep chanting over and over “Running and running, running until I drop… And then get up and just keep on running!

Kim (mom)

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