Friday, February 25, 2011

Free Airport Wifi

All airports should have free wifi. That's my opinion as an uninformed consumer of free products, at least.

Mom's been on the road for several hours now, and as you ought to have deduced, I'm at the airport.

By the way, if anyone reading this blog ever has to ship something from Korea to America - DON'T USE THE BIGGEST BOX SIZE! Because, the lady at the counter will first sell you the box, ask you where you're from, get you the paperwork to ship a box to the United States, watch you spend 20 minutes painstakingly packing your things into the box and wrapping it in a cocoon of tape so secure that Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan could use it as a life raft to float away from the things of man, and then she will tell you that you can't ship the biggest box to America, and you'll need to repack everything into two smaller boxes.

Something to keep in mind - if you think you'll ever need it.

Anyhow, 41 hours to check-in and Mother and Daughter are both en route.

Denice (daughter)

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