Monday, February 28, 2011

Thank you Boot Camp Family!

Monday is done and we are preparing for bed. I am more sore and tired then Denice but it has been an awesome day!

We hiked, swam, had core training, yoga, circuit training, stretching and two lectures. The food was fantastic. We have made some new friends. The weather and scenery are beautiful.

There will be more details about all of that as our adventure continues, but today I want to shout out to my Transformation Boot Camp family and thank them for all the support over the past year! Because of you I had two "great job"! moments today. The 1st one came at the end of core training when we all rolled over to do a 25 second plank. Because it was demonstrated on the elbow's I went ahead and did it that way. When we were done the lady behind me said, "did you see her? She was amazing! She did it exactly!" We then proceeded to do a 35 second and 45 second and her praise just kept coming. The 2nd one happened during the circuit training, I was settling onto the sit-up equipment and the trainer said,"Normally you would grab those handles by your shoulders and then pull up your body weight, but you could just fold your arms across your chest..." and I took hold of the handles and did a sit-up and said, "like this?" it was pretty cool! Thanks again for all your faith in me. I promise to work hard!

Kim (mom)

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  1. Kimmy! All your bootcamp girls want to comment and are having I'm troubleshooting for them. :)

    It sounds like things are going great so far...we are all so proud and excited for you. More soon! Hug Denice (after she showers, haha)...

    Love, Katie