Monday, February 28, 2011


Fitness Ridge lesson #1: Don't drink a cup of herbal tea right before you leave on the hike.

Full bladder aside, the hike was stupendous. The views were divine, the company was good, and the fitness level, to be honest, was probably a little too easy for me. I will say this: if you want to gain self esteem as a hiker, this is the place to be. Just be aware that close analysis might negate that self esteem boost. For example, when you think to yourself, "Ha! All the other members of my hiking group are totally eating my dust!" Stop there. Don't continue on with, "Of course, they're all super obese women." And if you should think, "Check me out! I'm keeping up with the trail guide step for step while making small talk and even casually eating an apple!" Do not add, "But she also just told me that she's celebrating her 60th birthday in May."

Anyway, I'm making this quick. Free time is a bit of a commodity here and I need to get to bed. First day - finished. Overall - awesome!

I do wonder if it'll get harder, though, because I totally could have done more today.

Denice (daughter)


  1. I don't have anything to say besides, I enjoyed reading this!
    So fun to get your guys' updates! Keep it up! And will we be enjoying photos of your fine adventure?

  2. Photos? Eventually, but I wouldn't wait too eagerly.