Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Day in the Life -1

I decided to start posting how our days run, to give ya'll a better idea of what we're doing (and also because our days are rather similar in and out, so there isn't much else to tell.) It'll probably take a few posts to get through a day, so be prepared for installments.

Here it goes.

At 6 a.m. there's an optional class. It's a stretch class called Yogalates, which starts out as a simple stretch on Mondays and works its way up to full on yoga by Friday. Mom and I went every day, except Friday, for the first week. We still get up early to go work out on most days (though some days we opt for the extra sleep instead) but mix it up between going to Yogalates and working independently in the gym.

Breakfast is at 7. We get a pretty wide variety of meals throughout the week. We've had sausage-egg muffins, hot cereals, fritatas, almond butter and jelly sandwiches, and peach muffins, to name a few. We also get a plate of fresh fruit each morning. For the first week, every morning I woke up and said, "I hope we get waffles for breakfast today." Then Mom would laugh at me. Well, the first Sunday, we had waffles. Now every morning I wake up and say, "I hope we get donuts for breakfast today." This morning another guest pointed out that I should be careful what I wish for. If we did get donuts, they'd probably be baked whole-grain donuts with tofu filling.

Anyhow, I need to go get changed for my next class. One post down and I've only made it through breakfast.

Denice (daughter)

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