Monday, March 14, 2011

Picture Day - part two

So, this will pretty much be all pictures of me, because Marms hasn't told me which pictures she wants me to post, yet. (In all fairness, I haven't asked her yet, either.)

This is my new hiking group toward the beginning of our Wednesday morning hike - Saddle. Saddle has a reputation for being the hardest hike that the resort offers. It lived up to the reputation.

This is at the top of saddle. Way back in the background you can see some buildings. That's where we started walking. It was all an uphill scramble over rocks and boulders.

This is the beginning of our Thursday hike - Wallstreet. You'll note that the Kinesio tape has made its appearance now. When she taped me up, the acupuncturist also told me not to take any Ibuprofen before the hikes. I only followed that advice for one day - this day. We spent nearly two hours trudging through deep, dry sand, and by the end my knee hurt so much that I wanted to cry. That's how you know this picture was taken at the beginning of the hike: I'm still smiling.

This was the view from where our van dropped us off on our Friday hike (yay, Friday! Back on the painkillers!) The hike was Camelback. In the middle of that mountain range you can see a mountain with two rock formations on the top of it. That was our destination.

Here you can see a cluster of my daring hiking buddies perched atop the rock formation (or camel's hump, if you wish) on the left side of the previous picture. Alas, my courage failed me and I stayed at the bottom of the formation.

See, here I am at the bottom, taking pictures of the people brave enough to climb to the top. (I'm the one nearest the formation at the forefront of the photo.)

And, just for fun, here I am with Mom, enjoying a delicious lunch (tostadas, I believe) out on the deck by the pool.


  1. So why weren't you supposed to take any ibuprofen?

  2. I would have stayed at the bottom, too. Me = big chicken.

    Hi, Denice!! Hi, Kim!! I missed you at church yesterday. Come home soon, but not too soon. :)

  3. Sounds like all you guys do is hike! Must be building a lot of muscle and endurance!

  4. Denice, how awesome! You look like you're having a great time. Keep up the good work; you're simply amazing! Slightly jealous of the nice weather ;)ha ha ha. Actually, your pics reminded me when I use to work near there-- good times.

  5. I wasn't supposed to take pain-killers because I might miss important warning signals (ie - pain) and further injure myself.

    We start every morning with 2 hour hike, but we do a lot of other things besides that. I'll try to include more of that in upcoming posts.

  6. Thanks for all the photos! It sounds like you are both doing great!
    Can you remember where these hikes are? Will you save me a map? I want to do them!

  7. I'm asking around to see if there's any sort of map available, but haven't had any success, yet. All of our hikes are lead by guides, so we just follow them. As far as remembering where they are, I'm lucky if I can remember where my shoes are when I get dressed in the morning.