Saturday, March 5, 2011

Half Day!!

So, it's 6:22 Saturday morning, and today we only work until 12:00! That's the best news ever!

Yesterday was the achiest day yet, for both Mom and me. We both started the day on the same hike. It's Fitness Ridge's signature hike, and everyone's supposed to do it every week. It's called Stop Sign, because you hike up a mountain to .... yes, a stop sign. You'd think it would be a little anticlimactic, but honestly, when I turned the corner and saw the 'stop sign ahead' sign, the sign could have said 'In five minutes you'll meet an angel princess who will be your new best friend and take you on a year-long cruise of the world and buy you a new wardrobe and introduce you to the man of your dreams.' and I wouldn't have been happier.

The hike was paved the whole way, and I think that made it a lot harder on my joints - especially in my feet and ankles. Also, the last portion is all incline. On the way up I was listening to an audio book about North Korea on my iPod. Just as the trail was getting steep, my book was describing the conditions of a work camp where 3-5 men starved to death every day and had to sleep 10 to a blanket on concrete floors until that moment came. I decided that it wasn't exactly the driving pick-me-up that I needed, so I switched over to some peppy music. After I got my picture at the top (possibly the only picture of me standing under a stop sign that I'll ever be proud of) I started back down the mountain. I was so happy and the music was so peppy that I danced my first 10 minutes down the mountain.

I passed Mom a few minutes later. She hit the top about 30 minutes after I did. She's hiking around this place defying anyone who tells her that she probably won't make it all the way up this week. She's contrary like that. And, she dragged the whole hiking 101 group up the mountain with her.

Anyway, because of the severity of the hike, we both shuffled around for the rest of the day.

I have to go get dressed for breakfast and another hike, but I want to throw out one more thing. I remembered that I hate volleyball. I forgot that it was because I'm actually afraid of volleyball. I had a minor freak out yesterday when they had us playing volleyball in the pool and have officially gotten permission to go to another class anytime we have pool volleyball on the schedule. They get a lot of guests who skip the hikes because of fear or stay out of the deep end because of fear. I wonder if I'm the first guest who's had to skip the 'fun', easy class because of fear.

I hope we get waffles for breakfast. :)

Denice (daughter)

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