Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Day in the Life - 3

I just finished lunch. I just finished eating lunch (sloppy joes and salad - I skipped the soup) and in my last post I left off after lunch. If you are reading this, you should feel grateful. I woke up an hour early to spend time in the gym before our 6 a.m. stretch class, and now that I have a bite of free time, I'm using it to blog instead of nap. So - you're welcome. :)

After lunch we get a choice. We can go to a lecture, gym class, or do any other activity of our choosing - as long as it is really an ACTIVE-ity.

The afternoon lectures have been about the role of calories in weight loss, emotional eating, ingredients and cooking, weekly review, and rest and relaxation. That last one sounds good - but it was really just a live infomercial for the spa. Lame. Mom and I went to all the lectures our first week, so these last few weeks we haven't taken that option much. Mom still goes to all the cooking demos, though, and we go to the weekly review meeting each week, too. This week, as departing guests, we'll have a few new lectures to attend that will help us prepare to take what we've learned back home. I'm excited for those. (And not only for an extra hour spent sitting.)

Gym class is designed to break up the monotony of our schedule here. Day in and day out, it's basically the same thing over and over. (The director likes to compare life at the Ridge to the movie Groundhog's Day.) So, after lunch, they throw in something random to mix it up a little. The only gym classes I've participated in have been going to a nearby park to play kickball and tennis. Although, in 25 minutes we're dancing for today's gym class, about which I'm very excited.

On day's that I don't opt for a lecture or gym class, which account for about half the days I've been here, I'll work out in the gym, ride a street strider, or go for a bike ride. Mom usually works out in the pool. She likes to laugh at the group of ladies who consistently spend their gym class in the pool. While she's busy treading water or swimming laps, they all sit around straddling pool noodles and chat.

After gym class come the BAM BAM BAM classes. They're not really called that, but that's what I call them, because it's three classes right in a row. BAM BAM BAM! There's one at 2:30, 3:30, and 4:30.

One of these classes is held in the pool, like deep water suspension, H2O circuit, pool volleyball or water cardio.

One class takes place in the gym, like cardio intervals, mountain (resistance training), the dreaded treading, or my favorite class - circuit training.

The third class of the day is in the aerobics room, like total body toning, core class, ball works (with those giant fitness balls), kickboxing, and zumba.

The three groups rotate between the three classes. Most days we try to stick to the schedule, but sometimes Mom and I mix it up a little bit. For example, when Mom hurt her leg she'd often skip the aerobics room class and do the pool class twice, and every Friday when we play pool volleyball, I either do double zumba or double circuit training (because I have never gotten over the fear of volleyball that I developed in the fifth grade when Brad Perkins nicknamed me the statue of liberty.)

Anyway, that's the end of our workout day. I'll pop back in later to tell you how we spend our evenings.

In the mean time, I have eight minutes to nap before I go dance.

Denice (daughter)

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